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Under 60 years:-

Employment Support Allowance - Means tested.

Tel number 0345 6088573

Personal Independence Payment, Mobility and Daily Living allowance. Not means tested.

Tel Number - 0800 9172222

Over 60 years

Pension Credit - Means tested.

Tel number - 0845 6060265

Attendance Allowance = For people aged over 65 years. Not means tested.

Only daily living allowance available

Tel number - 0345 6056055

If on Pension Guarantee Credit - Full Housing and Council tax benefit applies.

Carers Allowance - Means tested. Possibility to get an underlying entitlement to a Carers Premium.

Tel: 0345 6084321



The Isle of Wight Kidney Patients' Association is a Registered Charity (No. 298041)